Three focus areas of MANUFUTURE 2017 conference


We met with Mr Tauno Otto, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Tallinn University of Technology to enquire about the topics for the upcoming MANUFUTURE 2017 conference in Tallinn. “We are well underway with content preparation,” said Mr Otto who continued: “After our first brainstorming sessions, we agreed the three main topics that will be pillars of the program. First, Energy and Resource efficient manufacturing. This will look at how the emerging circular economy and energy measures can help reduce costs whilst at the same time potentially creating new products to counter longer term shortages of key materials and potential energy shortages/cost increases. The second main focus area will be Digital Manufacturing and the Fourth Industrial Revolution – looking at how the increasing power of digital technology is concertinaing supply chains and driving the rise of personalisation and servitisation. The factory of the future will be a connected factory – connected to consumers and to suppliers delivering real added value to the manufacturing sector. This technology has real scope to encourage re-shoring within the EU. And thirdly, we will look into Collaborative Technological Innovation – focusing on a range of new technologies that are driving rapid change in the sector. From autonomous systems and remote sensing to advances in materials and other technologies.

Prof. Otto

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