On this page you can find all the descriptions, deadlines and activities needed from your behalf in order to carry out a high quality conference.

  • Logo -> ASAP

    Please send us your logo as a vector file (.pdf, .eps, .ai). Partner logo is being used extensively in conference communication, in alignment of the logo usage rules. It is also a visible component in the stage design.

    Partner Intro Text -> ASAP

    At the conference webpage there is an introduction text about each partner. Partner is kindly asked to provide this text to the organiser. The text should be in English and not exceed 50 words.

    Guest list -> 01.08.2017

    Partner can add prospects and clients to the invitee list. We will provide you the access to the list.

    Contact Point Table design -> 10.10.2017

    For each partner organiser produces a physical contact point, a stand, that consists of the high table (h=110cm, d=70cm) equipped with the branded PVC cover and a LCD-monitor (55′). Partner is expected to provide the design for the PVC-cover in size of 2000mm X 1100mm as a PDF file. In designing the cover please note that cover will be bended around the table and fastened at the back with ca 100mm overlap.

    Contact point presentation -> 10.10.2017

    Contact Point features a LCD-screen that partner representatives can use for .ppt presentations, demos, showing a video ad or a corporate movie (without sound, subtitles recommended) or other visual materials, that enforce the messages of the partner. It will be on the LCD screen all day long. Partner is expected to produce such a material or provide an organiser with already existing material. The material should have the screen ratio of 16:9 and following formats are preferred: .ppt; .mov; .mpeg; .jpg.

  • Presentation on Expo stage -> 01.08.2017

    Partner is offered a chance to run a 15 minute presentation in the networking area during the break. Presentation will be featured in the program and announced by the moderator. Please send us speaker introduction and let us know the speaker and his/her contacts so we can share some technical details directly with the speaker.

    Banner for homepage and social media -> 01.08.2017

    Organiser can provide event banner for your organisational webpage. If you would like to have one in your homepage, please send us the banner dimensions (pixels).
    For sharing on social media, please feel free to use moving banners for Facebook (with partners logos or with moving background) and banner for LinkedIn. We can also provide banner with your logo – please see example for Facebook and for LinkedIn and let us know your preference.

    Partner participants -> 12.10.2017

    Package entitles up to three free partner participants including the people working at the contact point. Please download this Excel document, fill in the fields and send us the information (full names, company names, partipates Welcome reception, Gala Dinner, both or one conference days).